No more hustling to get a seat at the corner Café with lousy, slow, and insecure internet. No more unwelcoming hotel lobbies and expensive coworking spaces. We created a beautiful space for entrepreneurs and the creative class to thrive and be creative together.

Our Story

At Lunapeiz we want to be the facilitators that enable the creative culture to thrive. We created a space for those who ask questions, the curious, the connectors, the creators, the dreamers, in summary, for humans that want to impact and change the world for the better. We want a space where ideas, as well as work, grow, flourish, and get created. Our space has a balance between being elegant and playful, which results in an organic place to rest, create and play.

We believe in

Enabling dreams and change, for a better world. We are hosts to great minds… all minds!

Our Café Lounge

Our Café lounge serves Hacienda Santa Juanita gourmet coffee, one of the finest coffees on the island. This coffee is grown 100% in Puerto Rico and is one of the few Haciendas’ that manufactures it 100% on the island. Managed by certified Baristas and with state-of-the-art equipment, our coffee experience is one for the ages. Finally, our Café is complemented with a sweet and salty menu that ranges from homemade cookies and muffins to gourmet empanadas and tapas.  

We developed a cocktail menu with only organic fruits, high quality bitters and mixers, as well as top shelf liquors, wines, and craft beers. Our lounge will serve our members and their guests exquisite concoctions done by expert mixologists to enhance your experiences. Natural light and the use of wood and metal dominates the lounge to give an organic, relaxing, and elegant feeling to the area. 


Working comfortably and staying focused doesn't happen all on its own!
Here are some of the perks and benefits of joining our community.


Our great partners can help you achieve your business goals faster and efficiently. Why search and search when you can have pre-screened service providers that are just a contact away. We aim to have the tools and services you need to help you grow your business and ideas.