Our Story

Puerto Rico is ready for a prosperous future; one path to achieve this is thru an integrated entrepreneurial ecosystems that promotes innovative products and service. The goal is to impact the world economy while improving the economy of the island.

Puerto Rico is pushing strong a service-centered economy attached to different fiscal incentives, like the 20 and 22 laws, creating the perfect ecosystem for service providers, entrepreneurs and digital nomads to expand their offerings.

LunaSpeiz is part of this “push” by integrating office spaces, entrepreneur tools, business and tech courses, and networking events. LunaSpeiz is an integrated business center with the right atmosphere and turn key solutions for entrepreneurs  to thrive.

Our Manifesto

We want to create a welcoming space that promotes innovation, problem solving and business success. We believe in diversity and integration so that our members can grow and expand by collaborating with each other. Each member will be part of a community that will work together to pave the road to success.

San Juan’s iconic cobble stone pathways.

Part of the Paseo de la Princesa walkway.

We want to achieve the ultimate space:

  • Affordable integrated office spaces With conference rooms, with a fast Internet connection. The center will consist of open spaces as well as private offices for companies, service providers and digital nomads that either need a relax professional ecosystem to work for a day, week, month or a year.
  • Luna Business Academy Will have a full curriculum of entrepreneur classes to manage your startup.
  • Coming soon Lunaspeiz will integrate business and tech courses with other supporting tools to developed new business initiatives under one roof, stay tuned.